Pros and Cons of Selling During the Holiday Season

Winter marshmallow snowman smilling in cup of cocoa
If you’re considering selling your Tucson home, there are several factors that will affect how quickly you can sell and for what amount. When I work with a client to sell their home in Tucson, we consider the following factors: timing, pricing, condition, staging, and marketing strategy. Today I’ll discuss the pros and cons of timing, specifically whether or not you should consider selling your home during the holiday season.

The Tucson area typically experiences its highest volume of buyers between the months of February and July and the fewest number in the months of November and December.  However, there are actually several advantages to selling during the slower season (especially the holidays):

  1. There are fewer homes on the market in Tucson during the slow season, which means that you will have less competition and your home will be more likely to be noticed and to receive stronger offers.
  2. The buyers who are house hunting during the holiday season are typically more serious about finding the right house.  You will get fewer showings but the buyers that view your home are typically more likely to make an offer.
  3. A home purchase is very emotional and buyers respond to cues that remind them of the pleasant feelings of spending time with family or of fond childhood memories.  These are often linked to the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season.   Therefore, selling during this time with a properly staged home can be somewhat effortless if you are already celebrating the holidays yourself.

If there were only benefits and no drawbacks, the majority of sellers would sell during the holiday season.  There are definitely some disadvantages to consider as well.

  1. There are fewer buyers looking at homes in Tucson during this time.  If you are hoping to get a large volume of people through your home, you will likely be disappointed if you list during the holiday season.
  2. If you enjoy celebrating the holidays and experience a greater amount of activity and social obligations during this time, having to keep your home staged and looking its best for potential home buyers can be very stressful.
The decision of timing should be focused on what is right for each Seller and is often based on personal factors, such as the timing of a job transfer, family obligations, or financial considerations.  If you are working through the preparation phase for selling your home in Tucson, I’m available to consult with you regarding timing and the other factors involved with home sales. I’ve found that Sellers who consult a Tucson real estate agent early in the process are more likely to sell their home quickly and for a higher price once it is listed on the market because they’ve had an opportunity to fully prepare and present their home in its best light.  Call to schedule a free consultation. (520) 481-3695 or (520) 400-4802