Keeping Your Pets Safe When Selling Your Home

Cat on bed.jpg

Having your home listed for sale means that a lot of new people will be coming to see your home.  This will be an adjustment for the whole family, including any pets you may own.  Keeping your pet(s) safe is a top priority.

Assess your pet’s reaction to strangers – Is your pet protective and territorial or is he/she the biggest lover in the world?  Most pets fall somewhere in between and their behavior may be different when you are not around.  You may need to enlist the help of a friend whom your pet has not met to see what your pet’s reaction would be to a stranger coming into your home when you are not there.

Plan for the safety and comfort of your pet – If you have an animal that normally lives in a cage, the animal will remain caged when you have showings.  If your special friend is a cat, it is likely that he/she will hide under the bed or possibly come out for some extra attention.  If you prefer to keep the cat indoors, have your agent make a note to keep the exterior doors closed when they give showing instructions to other agents. 

If you have a dog the best solution is for you to be gone with him/her when showings happen.  Because your pet will be with you, he will be safe and comfortable.  If that is not feasible, other options are caging your pet, leaving him in the yard for showings, or letting him run free in the home.  Make sure to consider your pet’s needs and temperament as you make decisions about what is best.  Also, consider the fact that several people will be entering your home at once and may have small children with them.

Plan for the safety and comfort of the potential buyers – Just as you stage your home to be the most attractive to potential buyers, you also want to consider their experience with your pet(s).  If your dog will bark incessantly during the showing and never calm down, buyers will be focused on trying to calm your pet and if they are unable to do so, they will leave quickly, without getting to appreciate your home.  If your dog is aggressive, he can pose a safety threat to the buyers and is a liability for you as well.  This can be true even if he is crated as buyers and agents tend to want to pet and reassure crated dogs. 

Animals can be endearing and a positive part of the home viewing experience for fellow animal lovers.  Just make sure that you’ve taken everything into consideration for both your pet and your guests before putting your home on the market.  Your agent should include clear instructions regarding your pets in their showing instructions so other agents know what to expect when showing your home.

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